Christopher Nohl

Businessman & Entrepreneur

Christopher Nohl is a Wisconsin native and financial professional with 25 years of experience in debt origination, debt consulting, bank loss mitigation including debt workouts, entrepreneurship, seed and angel investing, venture capital, disruptive technology companies, and business management. 

In 1997, he was the 14th employee hired by the startup finance company American Summit Mortgage Corporation which rapidly grew to 5,000 employees becoming the largest debt originator in the State of Minnesota.  At American Summit, Christopher Nohl, was responsible for refining the business model, writing employee technical manuals, selecting candidates and new hires, conducting classes and training employees in loan marketing, loan processing and non-conforming, conforming, and government underwriting.  At American Summit Nohl also assisted with the Company transition to mortgage banking and Nohl designed new systems for loan processing and oversaw the successful closing of 20,000 transactions.

In 1999 Nohl, obtained his loan origination license and moved back to Wisconsin where he became a Senior Vice President at Bayshore Mortgage, a mortgage banker.  There Nohl served as the supervisor of loss-mitigation on defaulting bank loans to businesses and homeowners.  At Bayshore, Nohl originated commercial loans, business loans, government loans, conforming and non-conforming loans in addition to conducting loan workouts to keep businesses and people in their homes.

 In 1999, he founded his own company, Federated, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which grew to 150 employees and ultimately lent over $2 billion dollars to Wisconsin homeowners and businesses.  While President at Federated, Nohl originated commercial, unsecured and residential loans and conducted classes for employees and investors.  He specialized in loans to the self-employed, bank executives, police, other government employees, pilots, teachers, and insurance actuaries.  He worked as a paid debt advisor to hospitals, insurers, retail businesses, churches, and energy industry players.

Simultaneous to his work as President of Federated, Nohl founded De Leon Investment Corporation where he developed a systematic method for assisting bankrupt borrowers in resolving disputes with their financial institutions, ending their bankruptcies and in preserving their home and business equity.  Under that program 35 homeowners were able to avoid foreclosure, stay in their homes, and ultimately purchase their homes back with payments they could afford.


The financial collapse of 2008 brought Federated to a close and Christopher Nohl went to work as a consultant for homeowners and businesses, identifying victims of bad lending practices, and negotiating with banks to forgive or restructure that bad debt.  During 2008 – 2010 Christopher Nohl also worked as a financial consultant for businesses on their internal processes and controls, growth and development as well as on mergers and acquisitions.

Professional Credentials

Personal Life

  • Born in Port Washington, WI
  • Resides in Milwaukee, WI

education background

  • Marquette University High School
  • St. Olaf College
  • Oxford University – Said Business School

Professional Experience

  • Treasurer of the Wisconsin Geological Society
  • Founder of Chrysalis Boutique 
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Co-Manager of Greenpoint Tactical Income Fund

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Christopher is available for any business opportunities and networking with other individuals and organizations that have an interest in venture capitalism.  If you are a venture capitalist or a business in need of VC funds, feel free to head over to the contact page and fill out the form to get in touch with Christopher Nohl.


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