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This website is for information purposes about venture capital and funding for startups and early stage companies.  You can find information about Christopher Nohl, venture capitalist, on the About Page, or head over to our Blog Page where you will find articles about venture capital written and curated by Christopher Nohl.

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This website and blog is here for anyone who is interested in venture capital. If you are a venture capitalist or an entrepreneur who is trying to learn more about securing funding, check out our blog which has valuable information about venture capital and business financing. If you would like to learn more about Christopher Nohl, then just check out the About Page for a complete bio. If you would like to contact Christopher regarding information about VC or to secure funding, head over to the contact page to get in touch.

Christopher Nohl

christopher nohl

Christopher Nohl

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Businessman & Entrepreneur

Christopher is a venture capitalist living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He has spent many years in the financial space and is an expert in securing funding for startups and buying/selling companies.

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Your business may need startup cash, or maybe you are a venture capitalist trying to make investments on some startups with high growth potential.  If so, you can find out much more information from reading our blog with articles about venture capitalism and business financing.  These articles have should help you learn more about the subject in order to give you some expert insight into the topic of venture capitalism.

Financing a Business

Sometimes in business, you need to grow but are unable to come up with the capital needed to expand properly.  There are many different options for funding, but venture capital is an attractive option for businesses that may be too small for public offerings and may be unable to secure a bank loan.  Learn more about venture capital on our blog, or feel free to contact Christopher Nohl if you have any venture capital opportunities that you would like to discuss.

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Feel free to get in touch with Christopher Nohl if you have questions about Venture Capital, or if you would like to connect for networking or business opportunities.  If you are a business owner who is in need of capital, you can reach out to Christopher and he will help guide you though the process and point you in the right direction.  Click on the contact page and fill out the form to send your message to Christopher.


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